Betting on scams in 2006

Updated: Jan 1 2006, 07:24am hrs
Year 2006 will hold two important things for India. The greatest of money scams and unbelievable fraud. This year will see funds, loans, investments, partnerships, joint-finance for all the astro signs. The reason being that Jupiter will be in the money sign Scorpio, by Western astrology, in 2006.

The sign Scorpio is perhaps the most mysterious of all in the zodiac. It deals essentially with sex, sin, salvation. It also deals with life, death, rebirth. Jupiter is the good luck planet. It is also responsible for making things happen. Jupiter will be in Scorpio from October 27, 2005 to November 24, 2006.

Year 2006 will see a new method of banking, finance, interest, funds, joint finance, wills, codicils, securities, mortgage, instruments of negotiation, siphoning of funds, credit cards, debit cards, mobile banking, secret, subtle securing of money. If you are into stocks, be a little cautious where mutual funds are concerned. Bank robbery, spying of the finances of countries and tycoons, blackmailing, theft, are the other possibilities. The reason is that in 2006, Jupiter in Scorpio will be in bad formation with Saturn in Leo and Neptune in Aquarius by western astrology. Sudden money squeeze, bankruptcy of billionaires and devaluation of money of countries are the possibilities.

The months of all sorts of financial ups and downs, aberrations, nosedives could be February, May and August. This is also good for the stock market, bullion, harvest, food grains and very specially, all drinks. You may ask, why drinks This is because Scorpio is the sign of water and marshland, wine, liquor and most certainly alcohol.

Jupiter in Scorpio is specially associated and linked with deep sea diving, every type of hidden treasure be it land, sea or air, it is certain that treasure hunters the world over will have a field day. Jupiters other legacies are fisheries, aquariums, new and better swimming, diving and surfing techniques will lead to mighty benefits.

There will be new laws regarding legacy. Some countries will devalue their currency. However, the countries to watch out for will be African countries, Germany and Japan.

Next year will see a lot of earthquakes, accidents by fire and water pollution. There Volcanoes, hurricanes, tidal waves will continue next year. 2006 will see the end of Tony Blair and Saddam Hussain. Both are Taureans.

AMBANIS: Around July 2006, both the brothers will have found their bearings and sailed towards success. The real crowning achievement comes in 2007. I openly admit that there will be great difficulties, hiccups, glitches in January and February 2006, July and August 2006, and March and June 2007. But that is part of the game of very big business.

MICHAEL JACKSON: The next three years will be painful, critical and perhaps humiliating for the superstar. Fate has played tricks on him. It is an eccentric life. Astrology best explains Michael Jackson, the child molester. Jackson is a Virgo, which is a sign of great purity and innocence. When this purity is attacked and violated, terrible things like rape, sodomy, buggery and molestation happen.

CONDOLEEZA RICE: The US Secretary of State is a single black woman who helps to shape American politics. She is pure sinew and steel! She is a Scorpio, born on November 14 and President George Bush is a Cancerian, born on July 6. Both are water signs and therefore very compatible. Rice is of tremendous intensity, determination, even obsession, and is the path- breaker to the first future woman president of the US.

SANIA MIRZA: She will have Jupiter prosperity, good luck, money, name and fame planet in her sun sign Scorpio by western astrology, from October 27, 2005 to December 24, 2006. That's the period of acceleration, rapid progress, phenomenal growth, planning, strategy, and honing of skills for her. Obviously, it does not mean she will be the next Wimbledon champ. But it does mean she will improve her ratings by December 2006.

SOURAV GANGULY: Saturn in Cancer transiting Gangulys sun in Cancer was directly responsible for his downfall. Saturn restricts, constricts, depresses and even crushes a person from time to time. On July 16, 2005, Saturn was out of Gangulys Cancer sign. Equally important is that Jupiter, the planet of good luck, power will be in Gangulys lucky and sporty fifth angle from October 27, 2005. From November, Ganguly will stride the cricketing world.

POPE BENEDICT XVI: The present Pope is an Arian, born on April 16 and he is the 16th Benedict Pope. In the Hebrew Kabbala of numbers, tarot card number 16, shows a stricken tower. It means the fall of a great man. I see some danger, a fall, a libel against the Pope.

HURRICANES: From October 26, 2005 to November 24, 2006, Jupiter will be in a volatile, stormy, furious water sign, Scorpio. It will be fuelled into fury by Uranus in watery Pisces. It will be ideal hunting ground for hurricanes, tidal waves, oil spills, shipwrecks.