Best Talent For FinMin

Updated: Sep 22 2003, 05:30am hrs
Best Talent For FinMin
FE had obviously gone and interviewed Jaswant Singh at a weak moment (Sept 10), when he said The best possible talent should man the finance ministry and went on to ask where he ought to get them from. I assume he was referring not only to the Secretary, but also the Joint Secretary, Director, Deputy Secretary and Under Secretary levels.
Knowing how most people get into the finance ministry, one chuckles. Since when has the government evolved a system to get the best people in the finance ministry Does the background of the officer get evaluated at all In most cases, the finance ministry and specially the DEA, is highly regarded for the foreign trips it affords to officers. Most officers who come there know important people, or are related to them, preferably sons and daughters of important people.
A gentleman, an MBA from IIM, was to come on central deputation, but he could never get to know when to apply and to whom. In fact, he had to go to the Section Officers house to find out when the next vacancy would arise. Transparency at its best! If the finance minister is serious, there is no shortage of talent even within the Indian bureaucracy. All he has to do is to avoid the Dept of Personnel & Training panel, and go in for the usual way to recruit the best send letters to all state governments and central ministries, also post them on the FinMin website, listing out the vacancies in the next one year, specifying job attributes and skill sets, inviting applications from serving government officials, and then the usual shortlisted bunch get interviewed to come up with the best possible talent. Now that is not so difficult, is it
Shailesh Pathak

We Need Disinvestment
The national interest must be the common interest for all political parties. Hence, everybody must support reforms connected with disinvestment. In the present situation, what the government is doing is right since disinvestments help for speedy recovery of our economy while accelerating overall growth. It is unfortunate that the Supreme Court judgement in the case of disinvestments of oil majors is slowing down the reforms process, essentially meant for the well-being of our nation. Moreover, at this stage, our economy is likely to suffer if the government programme on disinvestments comes to a halt for any reason. Therefore, the need of the hour is to support the government in this vital direction.
N V S N Murthy, Secunderabad

Sterlites Manipulation
That Sterlites sinister move to demerge the copper business has been jinxed (Sept 17) augurs well. Earlier, the company with a threat of delisting bought back shares from a few small holders, who nervously encashed the cheque. But at the end the company could not delist. The regulatory authorities were found wanting here.
Rajini Pradeep, New Delhi