Best Advice I Got

Written by Dhiren Shantilal | Updated: Aug 16 2009, 06:33am hrs
Take chances, be willing to take risks. Ever since I started in business in the early 80s, one of the most valuable lessons I have learnt is to step up to the challenge and be willing to take risks.

In my 30 years of experience in the recruitment industry, I have been privileged with meeting many CEOs. And yet despite their diverse business backgrounds, this is one of the best advices I have received from most of them Challenges are an essential part of leadership, which always require some level of calculated risk-taking. They are one of the best learning curves that not only build your confidence and experience as a leader, but also ensure the sustainability in the long term.

This lesson has encouraged and enabled met o excel in my career by taking bold steps in growing the company. The wealth of experience I have accumulated has also led me to make many more prudent decisions, and become more bold and receptive to new business opportunities and initiatives that were previously unexplored but have immensely benefited the organization.