Best Advice I Got

Written by Rajeev Gupta | Updated: Jun 29 2009, 05:29am hrs
An advice at that moment in that situation are words of wisdom that have gone a long way, in me being what I am and what I stand for. I cant say which was the best and when because its like one medicine does not cure all ailments; its the right cure that matters.

When I decided to pursue engineering, my first focus was on how competitive the job market was and there were only a select few premium jobs in India. On one such day, I remember a simple pat on my back from my father and a few words of wisdom from him. Believe in what you do, give it all that it takes, results will flow. Its like the famous philosophy of Karma with no attachment to the fruit that it bears. Result based era that we are in, it seemed hard to digest, but the fact is that belief and commitment, if combined,are lethal and is bound to produce results. That advice from my father charted the course for my future.

I have had my share of crossroads. A career in mainstream IT in the US is extremely competitive. Just then when I got an opportunity, my mentor just gave me my second share of wisdom. He said Opportunity to do what you want to do comes at a cost, you need to pay a price, where and what is your call. I took the cost and the opportunity and coupled it with my past experience; I knew if I believe in it and gave it my best results will flow! This opportunity opened doors of strategic management role to me, which progressively became global and more versatile in nature.

I strongly feel its about self belief and ones own value system. Decisions always come at a cost. There is dignity attached to all and every type of work. In the same way our beliefs in doing the right thing, giving it the best and sure enough rewards will follow. Sometimes the rewards dont look like what you want them to look! Be open to receiving them.