Best Advice i Got

Written by Priyanka Malhotra | Updated: Jun 1 2009, 04:33am hrs
One leaf from the wisdom tree that I have kept with me and has helped me personally has been, never to be cynical. It is important to remain hopeful and positive. This simple advice has helped me in many ways personally and professionally. Cynicism trains us to become bitter and judgemental about the world. It is wonderful to view the world as a romantic, to some it might seem foolish, but it works marvellously for me. As one of my favourite artists, Vincent Van Gogh has said, In the end we shall have had enough of cynicism and scepticism and humbug and we shall want to live more musically.

The other piece of advice that has worked for me well, especially on a professional front, has been to take ones time to respond, and to try not to react. Ive noticed that a quick reaction or retort to any situation usually ends up messy. By reacting I found myself swaying between extreme emotions, letting external situations decide my state of mind calm, angry, relaxed.

There is a dignity and maturity that pervades when we take our time to respond to situations a calmer disposition helps us make decisions more objectively.

By taking time to respond to situations, I found that not only did I get more respect from others, but it also helped me become more rooted and centred.