Best Advice I Got

Updated: Sep 29 2008, 03:35am hrs
Ankur Agarwal, JMD, Piron

The best advice I ever got was If you are talented at something then you have an opportunity to be successful. If you are a hard worker you also have an opportunity to be successful. However, these opportunities mean nothing unless you put both talent and hard work together.

There is not one person alive that is talent less. The key is that you have to understand what you are talented at and then get to work. Hard work pays off no matter where you are at. And if you work hard at something you are talented at than it pays off much more.

During start of my career, I remember how eager or impatient I was to be successful in my professional life. One of the most important facts I learnt was to be patient and place ones success completely in ones own hands. All it takes is a genuine commitment. If you are that talented, that hard of a worker, or both, then it should be nothing to understand and take this advice and run with it. You know what you are talented at and what interest you the most.

There are steps you must take in order to actually make things happen. You have to learn what those steps are and then complete each step. It is truly a process that you can lay out in front of you and put in to play. Its time to get serious about becoming successful, and that means getting smart. Theres no question you have a talent, its just understanding what that talent is. I have realised that its not that hard work wont get you places. It will get you far but it wont get you as far as you would get putting your hard work into something you control. You can control thoughts and actions on something you are interested or talented in.

Bottom line, take your success in to your own hands.