Best Advice I Got

Updated: Sep 1 2008, 04:45am hrs
Thomas Abraham

Managing Director, Sage Software India

Over the years, I have been reading several books on business, life, and various mantras. I have also had the opportunity to meet up with several management and spiritual gurus. There has been something that I learnt from each of these interactions and readings. I must say that the greatest impact was in an interaction with Edward De Bono many years ago. Since then, I have read all his books and have adopted his theories into my own mantras. Lateral Thinking as a concept sounds simple, but is very difficult to self-actualise and practice. In my years of corporate life I have attempted to put it into practice for myself and my teams on a regular basis. The ability to think differently makes you a leader, which in turn helps you build positive energy for yourself and those around you. The other interesting aspect is very often these unique lateral thoughts come to light by wandering around. This is another mantra of mine that has helped me implement innovative ideas. I would urge all potential leaders to get off their chair and start moving around to stimulate Lateral Thinking.