Best Advice I Got

Updated: Apr 28 2008, 03:50am hrs
Sanjiv Garg, CEO, Jindal Intellicom

Since a large part of entrepreneurial decision-making is on the basis of instinct or gut feeling, it is crucial to make the effort, even if marginally, to participate in the actual workings or developing of information in order to maintain the ability to feel the information.

The attention span of most of us tends to reduce as we move up the value chain.

For quality decision-making, it is imperative to identify the areas where attention should be paid and a constant effort must be made to stay current in those areas.

This piece of advice from David Plankton, my former boss in the US and one of the brightest minds I have come across brought a huge difference in the way I think and act today.

Drilling down into data on a regular basis has helped me not only develop better intuition for decision making, but has also kept me in regular touch with front line managers which again delivers as a great motivational and retention tool.