Best advice i got

Updated: Dec 30 2007, 03:52am hrs
Treat your job as if your life depends on it. Amongst the attributes that separate success from failure, is the attitude and sense of urgency with which a job is handled. This small piece of advice from my father has personally and professionally helped me do better in life and has made everyday working much more exciting and eventful.

Most of all, the attitude at the end of the day leaves me with a sense of achievement which propels further to a greater goal. Being in the service industry, this has translated further in how each one of us at Elixir treats our deliveries towards our client. Speed and accuracy are two key components which define success for us and for our client. The sense of urgency pushes us to find options and solutions, where others give up. Sadly in todays scenario with so many opportunities, there are a few who tend to take things easy. My sincere advice to them is to cling on to these basics and I can assure them that it will serve them well.