Being Human

Written by Anushree Bhattacharyya | Updated: Apr 2 2014, 02:38am hrs
Campaign: Good food, good life

Brand: Nestle

Company : Nestle India

Agency: McCann Erickson

The Campaign

The ad begins with a woman helping a man to fill a form. Next, a little boy runs towards the woman who is talking to a little girl. We then see them inside a car, the girl is shown sitting on the lap of the woman; however, the young boy pushes away the girl to sit on the lap of the woman, who is his mother. As the family drives away, it is revealed that the family has adopted the girl from an adoption centre. The next series of shots shows the boy behaving in ways that indicate his insecurities on realising that the little girl will be a member of his family the girl is practising at the piano but the boy shoves her hand away every time she tries her hands at the keys. The young boy is shown playing in the bathtub. The young girl opens the door of the bathroom and laughs at the antics of her brother. The boy gets angry and asks her to leave. In the next scene, as their mother is teaching the girl to draw, the boy comes and snatches the book from her saying that the drawing book belongs to him. In bed, the boy clutches on to his mother and looks at the girl who is sleeping next to him. Next morning, the girl finds a caterpillar in the garden of their house and shows it to her brother. As she put the worms from their garden in a bottle, he looks on, fascinated. The girl then goes inside the house, signalling him to join her. The children enter the kitchen. As the little girl climbs atop the kitchen shelf to fetch a jar and then shares some cookies with him, they smile at each other and the ice is broken. The ad film ends with a voice-over: When goodness is shared over food, life smiles. That is why we mix goodness in all that we do. Nestle good food, good life.

The campaign consists of two ad films. The second film is about the famed dabbawallas of Mumbai. Through this film, Nestl India shows its appreciation for these professionals who deliver home-made food to the people of Mumbai everyday, on time.

Our Take

As children we are all taught to share our toys and books with our friends but as we grow up, these lessons from childhood are forgotten. It is here that the ad film makes a difference. Not only does the ad take us back to our childhood, it tells us the importance of sharing our life with another. The idea of adopting a child does not come easily to Indians. The ad tells us that by adopting a child, we not only allow the child to live a new life but we also add spark to our own life. We get to share our life, our learnings, experiences, etc., with a new person. At the same time, the ad beautifully brings out the insecurities of the little boy who is now forced to share everything including his parents with this new member of the family. Moreover, what makes the story-telling convincing is the way the set has been designed apart from the natural acting of the children. Rather than showcasing a western style of living, the agency has provided an Indian touch to the house, especially the kitchen which also stores jars of pickles apart from biscuits and cookies. Even the way the children sleep with the parents is something that Indians can identify with. Instead of pitting Nestls products against the competition, the ad conveys the message that brand Nestle has a larger role to play in the life of people of this country. With this ad, Nestle tries to move closer to the hearts and minds of Indian consumers by projecting the Indianness of the brand. The ad stands true to Nestls brand positioning of 'Good food, good life' and also provides a glimpse of what the brand will stand for in the future.

Anushree Bhattacharyya