Beam them up

Updated: May 23 2007, 05:30am hrs
After the split between the Marans and the Karunanidhi families in Tamil Nadu, the DMK has tied up with Raj TV, Sun TVs local competitor, to launch a new satellite-TV channel for propaganda purposes. For Raj TV, this sudden turn of events is sweet retribution in ways more than one. Not long ago, the channel faced enormous problems getting its satellite uplinking facilities from India restored after they were snapped for non-payment of licence fees. Raj TV went pillar to post, trying to link upwards again. It blamed Dayanidhi Maran for its woes, accusing the central minister for helping Sun TV, run by his brother. Raj TV, which was forced to suspend news bulletins for months on end, has resumed broadcasting sincebut uplinked from overseas. Now that it is the DMKs chosen vehicle, Eavesdropper learns that it is a matter of days before the signals start beaming straight up from Tamil Nadu again.


Karl Marxs treatise on the Origin of family, private property and the state is finding new meaning in Kerala, ever given to ownership disputes. Recently, the CPMs state secretary Pinarayi Vijayan stunned an unsuspecting audience by claiming that full ownership of VS (the popular name of his bete noir and Kerala Chief Minister, VS Achuthanandan) rests with the CPM as a political party. The former Congress CM, Oomman Chandy, however, contended that VS belongs to the people of Kerala. As the ownership debate rages, perhaps the newly Anglo-saxonised French can lay an equally valid claim, tooon hyphenated phonetic grounds... non