Banking on baking

Updated: Apr 30 2006, 06:15am hrs
Twenty-five-year-old Dhruv Lamba belongs to the third generation of a business family, which was successful in establishing itself in India during the final years of the independence movement.

Starting with making ice creams in 1940 from Regal Building on Parliament Street, in the Capital, the Kwality Group led by P L Lamba is today one of the established names in the ice-cream and restaurant businesses in India.

In the last three years, Dhruv has not only helped the group expand its businesses, but has also steered it into new retail areas. Graduating from an ice candy lad, he is now better known as the bakery boy. The tempting cakes and pastries churned from his confectionary retail point, Bread & More, has already spread from Delhi to Goa.

Owning and operating around 40 eating jointsranging from Indian to Chinese cuisine and confectionary destinationswe are now looking at the franchise model to take our retail brands to newer cities and more people, says this young businessman. An MBA from Switzerland, he is well versed in hospitality. As he scans the retail opportunities in the country, Dhruv talks about the technicalities of this sunrise sector.

For our newer outlets, we are looking at a range of locationsright from malls to hospitals, where rentals are genuine and lead to fast profits. We are also updating the look and ambience of our joints to give them an international appeal, he says.

Well, what does this young scion do in between drawing up plans for his new stores Well, I watch movies and TV. I am indeed a TV bug and movie buff. In fact, this runs in my blood. A Sunday is never a Sunday without movies. We just go out for any kind of moviesEnglish or Hindi, comedy or tragedy, he replies.

Dhruv also enjoys being with friends. Meeting friends and dining out are other things I try to find time for, he says.

And as far as hobbies are concerned, he occasionally picks up some paintings for his home as well as his workplace, he informs while pointing at the orange-tinted Ganesha piece adorning the side-wall of his cabin. Art is something that bonds him with wife Mandira, who runs the Nitanjali Art Galleries in Delhi, together.

Dhruv says his occasional hang-outs and hobbies are as important as his official programmes. He likes India for work, Switzerland for its beauty and adventure sports, and Hawaii for its beaches. Beaches are also the reason for my frequent visits to Goa, where we are expanding our business too. I just love water and try to catch more drenched moments, he says.