Band-ing with the best for good health

Written by Anirudh Vohra | Updated: Aug 24 2014, 06:55am hrs
Anirudh Vohra

A RISE in fitness obsession among Indians has opened a new market all together, as several companies launch products to ease out and help those who love to sweat. From smart scales to check one's weight to games that help one burn those extra caloriesname it, they got it.

On the long list of items is an item known as fitness band, life band or, in simple English, wrist band. These wearable devices keep track of one's movement through the day, the periods of inactivity and even sleep. Not just that, once linked to smartphones, they can even tell the calories one has consumed, the calories one has burnt and also how will this translate, meaning, lost weight or gained.

We feature a few of these products available in the market today...

Garmin Vvofit

Vvofit comes with a decent sized curved display which shows steps, goal countdown, calories, distance, time and date. It also tracks the sleep patterns of the user. Powered by a commonly available replaceable battery which lasts for over a year. A pack of three colour bands worth R1,990 can be orderd to keep up with the fashionista in you.

Price: R9,990 (approx)

Nike Fuelband

A wristband and a cool wearable gadget, it works for ones fitness at various levels. It has motion sensors that keeps track of ones movement through the day by translating ones activity into Nike Fuel and lets one compare oneself to others. The fuelband is available in three colours.

Price: R13,168 (approx)

GOQii fitness band

The fitness band with a personalised coach, something none of the other fitness devices have so far. Along with the band, which tracks one's daily activities and calories burned, there are experts who try and make sense of this data and coaches, who help one make sustainable and incremental changes towards a more healthy and active lifestyle.

Price: R9,999 (approx)

FitBit Flex

Flex consists of two separate parts the sensor and the strap. The sensor is small, thanks to the fact that it doesn't include an LED display. The FitBit will periodically connect to one's phone, keeping ones stats up to date. Flex managed up to nine days of use. Fitbit ecosystem is a great way to start using technology to keep on top of ones personal health.

Price: R10,485 (approx)

LG Lifeband

The new computerised wristband tracks workouts and calories burned and syncs with the LG fitness app on an iPhone, iPad or Android device. It can also control music on a phone and alerts incoming calls and emails, at least for Android users.

Price: R8,500 (approx)

Jawbone Up

The Up houses a number of motion sensors and shares the information with a smartphone app for iPhones and Android. Both the wristband and the app are sleek, easy to grasp and a pleasure to use. Its designed to look good, while providing ones information on ones lifestyle.

Price: R12,500 (approx)