B2K Scouts For JV

New Delhi | Updated: May 19 2004, 05:30am hrs
Bangalore-based B2K (Bytes2Knowledge), a business process outsourcing (BPO) company, is exploring the formation of a joint venture (JV) for which it is in talks with BPO companies in India and the US. The company is looking at expanding its domain expertise to add new verticals (like financial services) to its current offering through the joint venture.

We are in discussions with two companies each in the US and India for a possible joint venture. In the next three months, we are looking at few joint projects with the potential joint venture partner following which we will look at stronger partnership in terms of equity, B2K chairman and chief executive officer Vivek Kulkarni told eFE.

Further, the company is looking at adding 700 people to its team of 250, almost trebling the team size.

B2K was recently formed after Talisma hived off its services business (technical support and helpdesk) in order to focus on its product business, as reported by eFE earlier.

Oak Investment Partners, UTI Ventures and Dhanlakshmi Bank (DLB) along with the management team of B2K (including Mr Kulkarni) hold equity in B2K. Investors like Oak, UTI Ventures and DLB had infused a capital of $4.1 million in B2K for equity share.

The company has added healthcare segment to its offerings and is presently serving a client for medical billing out of its Bangalore centre.

B2K is fortifying its marketing base in the US by setting up offices in the US. We are looking at taking another building on lease in Bangalore that will accommodate additional people. Taking space on lease brings down the operational costs of any company, he said. Its existing team is located out of a building on lease in Bangalore.

B2K bought out the assets of Talisma along with the people and clients in the space of technical support and helpdesk.