Azingo Launches Azingo Mobile, Industry's First Mobile Linux Platform Based on LiMo Foundation Software

30-01-2008 | Updated: Jan 31 2008, 19:22pm hrs
Mobile Linux company Azingo, formerly Celunite, today announced Azingo Mobile, a comprehensive suite of open mobile software and services designed to help companies deliver web 2.0 applications, music, video, vivid graphics and more to a wide range of mobile phones. Leveraging the economies of open source innovations and based on LiMo and its ecosystem Azingo Mobile provides a less costly and more flexible platform for designing and deploying mobile devices. The platform will be demonstrated at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, (Azingo booth 2.1D57 and LiMo booth 8B135), Feb 11-14, 2008.

Available for immediate licensing, the Azingo Mobile platform enables handset manufacturers and operators to leverage a rich suite of "out of the box" mobile applications that "plug-in" to a comprehensive and pre-integrated open mobile middleware framework and kernel. Supported by a powerful SDK and development tools, Azingo Mobile lets OEM, operators and ISVs build and customize innovative services and user experiences. Azingo Mobile's one-stop-shop approach reduces development costs, shortens the time to bring new handset designs to market, and enables lower cost phones offering the latest multimedia and UI innovations.

Guido Arnone, director of terminals technology at Vodafone said: "We welcome Azingo's mobile Linux platform to the LiMo Foundation. Azingo Mobile's ability to provide lower-cost, Internet-enabled mobile phones helps support LiMo's goal to create a true mass-market platform and surrounding ecosystem that will deliver compelling handsets and rich user experiences."

"Azingo Mobile has received significant interest from the industry's leading handset manufacturers and operators," said Mahesh Veerina, CEO of Azingo. "Our product is offered on 13 different hardware platforms from seven of the industry's leading silicon providers. Azingo technology is a core component of the LiMo Foundation common integration environment and our support of LiMo specifications ensures that devices powered by Azingo Mobile will contribute to the growth and unification of mobile Linux."

About Azingo Mobile

Azingo Mobile includes all of the software, development tools, documentation and training required to design and commercialize new mobile phone products. Azingo Mobile platform applications are organized into four suites: Azingo Mobile Entertainment, Azingo Mobile Internet, Azingo Mobile Productivity and Azingo Mobile Communications. Azingo Mobile Entertainment provides music and video players, a photo gallery and more. Azingo Mobile Internet includes a variety of personalized mobile web 2.0 applications and content, RSS notifications and a feature-rich mobile browser.

Other Azingo Mobile features include:

Highly Configurable User Interface - Enables quick creation and deployment of several mobile phone models with unique user interfaces and capabilities. A convenient Quickbar rapidly launches any application from any screen using five-key navigation, keyboard, touch-screen and virtual keyboard interfaces. Complete internationalization, localization, multi-lingual text input, bi-directional text rendering, scalable fonts, editable themes, animations and transitions are also supported.

Home Screen Customization - Provides an easy-to-design and configure Home screen that includes dynamic content from web and phone data sources. Operators can design and offer branded, integrated services for personalized experiences that offer RSS notifications for news, stocks, blogs, promotional offers, shopping and more.

Mobile Internet - Uses widget run-time technology to deliver mobile web 2.0 experiences that include applications, games, graphics, animated wallpaper, themes and more.

Multimedia - Plays or streams music and video normally found only in expensive, high end smart phones, on lower cost phones. Supports integrated ring-tone management, MIDI, audio, video, image and speech codecs, camera services, hardware acceleration and more.

Customizable/Turnkey - Can be integrated to new handset and chipset designs. Azingo's professional engineering services team can deliver market specific solutions, including creating operator-specific branded service applications.

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