ATMs of nationalized banks fail to generate cash

Written by Agencies | Chandigarh, January 26: | Updated: Jan 26 2008, 21:55pm hrs
The one day strike of nationalized bank employees might be over but its affect was still visible here as ATM (Automated Teller Machines) of several public sector banks in Punjab and its adjoining areas went empty because of insufficient stock of cash.

Several regular customers of public sector banks today complained of not getting cash from their ATMs as bankers did not replenish the cash stock in these money dispensing machines during weekends in view of employees strike and government holiday today.

With the demand for cash generally increases during Saturday and Sunday, cash dispensing machines of various banks failed to bring out money for their customers.

"Majority of banks did not refill the cash in ATMs which resulted into problems for customers," a bank official said.

"I visited ATM to withdraw money for some urgent work but I failed to receive any cash as there was no money in the machine," rued Bhawna Arora, a customer of public sector bank.

The problem has also got compounded with the increased dependence of customers on ATMs for their cash requirements for their day to day expenses, a bank analyst said. "People have become habitual of using ATMs and when these machines do not do their jobs, frustration amongst customers is quite natural," he pointed out.