"Anything that resonates deeply with people will find an echo"

Written by fe Bureau | Updated: Dec 29 2009, 05:36am hrs
How was the Jaago Re campaign conceived What was the brief from Tata Tea

Balki (R Balakrishnan, chairman and chief creative director, Lowe India) and I conceived the idea at a caf in Juhu over a cup of coffee. The brief from the client was to create a single brand positioning for Tata Tea that can appeal to consumers across segments and collectively strengthen the brand portfolio.

As we discussed the brand over that crucial cup of coffee, we got thinking that considering that India is a young country, coffee had in very little time, occupied the youths mind space, becoming the young, cool, hip beverage to consume. And as the conversation went on, we were convinced that to create a strong positioning and to genuinely assume a leadership stance, you have the appeal to the critical mass called the youth. We looked at all the codes in tea consumption and realised that tea was always positioned as a warm, familiar and familial beverage. It was something that at times refreshed you and at times, simply woke you up. But considering that youth have so many opinions, issues, emotions and at times, anger simmering under the surface, we realised that the key to connect with the youth was to turn this passive tea space into something far more intrusive and active. That is to say that rather than tea waking you up, it should awaken you. And thats how Jaago Re was conceived.

What, according to you, was the element in the campaign that helped it catch peoples fancy

We knew that we had come up with a powerful idea with Jaago Re but did not realise the extent of the iconic stature it would achieve. Anything that resonates deeply with people has to find an echo. The emotion we tapped into was already simmering within the youth. What we did was succeed in recognising the tipping point and tipped it in our favour.

How did you make sure that the creativity quotient was not compromised at any stage and there was no fatigue among viewers

There are two powerful foundations that will ensure that Jaago Re can go on for a long time. India is a country of young people and it is the largest democracy in the world. Young India has just about begun to discover and realise the power of We The People and hence, the confidence that the issue of awakening will not become boring in our country for some time to come. The success of Jaago Re lay in discovering a topical insight and/or issue so that the slogan Jaago Re is injected with consistent relevance. A deeper appreciation of the mood of the nation and response of young India, was at the core of the brand campaign.

Has this been one of the most successful campaigns of your career in the recent past

Absolutely. This is absolutely the most refreshing campaign in the category. It has shattered and reconstructed category codes. The communication is not only enjoyable but also highly involving and lends itself to some good on-ground activation. All in all, it has shifted the paradigm completely.

Has the success of the campaign pushed Tata Teas sales as well

Today, Tata Tea is seen as one of the most iconic brands in the country. Without spending on individual brands, with one-third the budget compared with the competition, Tata Tea is the market and thought leader in the category.