Ansr Iz Bloin’ In Z Vynd

Updated: Jul 26 2002, 05:30am hrs
Bob Dylan would be pleased as punch with this one. The times indeed are a- changin’ with the Concise Oxford Dictionary, the 91-year old high priestess of the English language, dropping her stiff upper lip in the new tenth edition due next month.

No, the COD isn’t just including some new words from Hindi. Finding pride of place will be an entire glossary on text messages which are used in short messaging services or what is popularly known as SMS. “This is perhaps inevitable as more than a million text messages are sent daily,” the British Council tells us. Wonder what harried parents and language teachers have to say on this one! Z ansr iz bloin’ in z vynd.

Lottery Of Foreign Investment
The industry ministry likes the jingle of FDI, but has firmly stated a ‘no thank you’ to foreign players (or their technology) in gambling, betting, and lotteries. In a clarification that collides with the ambitions of a media player using US technology in its high-decibel online lottery business in partnership with Sikkim, the ministry has clarified: “This applies to FDI, FII portfolio investment, NRI/OCB portfolio investment, NRI/OCB investment on non-repatriation basis and investment by foreign venture capital investors.”

To seal this issue from all possible loopholes, the ministry has issued a clarification which goes this way: “Government has been receiving queries from state governments, prospective investors, technology providers, franchise, trademark, brand name licensors, management consultants etc as to whether FDI is permissible in govt/private lotteries, online lotteries, casinos etc and whether foreign technology collaboration, including license of franchise/trademark/brand name, management contract etc, are permitted in the lottery business, gambling and betting sector. It is clarified that both foreign investment and foreign technology collaboration in any form is completely prohibited in the lottery business, gambling and betting sector.”

For which play(er) win(s), do watch this space!