Anglia Language Testing Centre (ALTC) Launches Anglia AcCEPT Proficiency Test an Alternative to TOFEL for International Students and Immigrants

Written by Businesswire India | Mumbai | Updated: Oct 29 2009, 18:26pm hrs
For a long time the international student and immigrant fraternity has been aspiring for a bespoke English language test which can provide international students and immigrants an opportunity to test their English language skills.

Anglia Language Testing Centre (ALTC) now introduces the Ascentis Anglia AcCEPT Proficiency Test in India as an alternate English test for international students and immigrants.

AcCEPT (Academic Certificate for the English Proficiency Test) is the Ascentis Anglia ESOL International Proficiency level assessment designed specifically for non-native English speakers requiring English for higher education or for academic purposes in order to study at international universities or to immigrate abroad. AcCEPT Proficiency is managed jointly by two British examination boards, the English national awarding body Ascentis and Anglia Examinations.

The Proficiency level / AcCEPT is widely accepted by leading international universities and colleges around the world and are also recognized for international immigration purposes.

Anglia Examinations England has specialised in ESOL assessments for 15 years and has been based in Chichester, England since 1994. Anglia offers a comprehensive and structured programme of assessing English language competence, from beginner through to native speaker level. This step by step approach of testing encourages and motivates students to make clear and effective progress.

Ascentis is an English National Awarding Body approved by both the English regulatory bodies (the QCA /Ofqual and QAA) to design, administer and award qualifications to national standards. Ascentis was established in 1975 under the name OCNW as a partnership scheme between universities and colleges, and as such was owned by and accountable to its founding member organisations, Lancaster University, the University of Liverpool, the University of Central Lancashire, Northumbria University, Edge Hill and University of Cumbria, who supplied both educational expertise and academic validation. Ascentis became an independent limited company and a registered educational charity in the United Kingdom.

Anglia Examinations, a member of the European Association for Language Testing and Assessment (EALTA), is owned by a non profit educational institution. Anglia Examinations currently has offices and test centres in Latin America, Africa, Asia and Europe and examines over 40,000 candidates each year from 28 countries


AcCEPT Proficiency measures all four language skills listening, reading, writing and speaking. The total time for the test is 3 hours and 20 minutes.

Results are reported as three passing grades (Distinction, Merit and Pass) and one failing grade (Refer).

Listening and Reading/Writing makes up 80% of the final score, with Listening making up 20% of this score, and are compulsory components in order to obtain an AcCEPT Proficiency certificate. The Speaking component makes up 20% of the final grade, when taken.

The certificates are valid indefinitely though institutions may wish candidates to re-take AcCEPT Proficiency if a significant period has lapsed since the last test, dependent on the candidates individual circumstances during that time period.

Ascentis is a highly respected UK national awarding body, which ensures full accreditation and recognition for its qualifications. AcCEPT Proficiency therefore meets the highest standards, not only with regard to the accuracy, integrity and security of test papers, but also to the upholding of strict conditions for policy and procedures of test centres, registration, candidate identity, grading and moderation.

AcCEPT Proficiency is aligned to the Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR) at level C1 as seen on the UK - NDAQ (National Database of Accredited Qualifications). The CEFR level descriptor for C1 confirms that someone of this ability can use the English Language effectively for not only social but professional and academic purposes.

AcCEPT proficiency is listed on the UCAS (Universities & Colleges Admissions Service) as a qualification which can be accepted by British universities and colleges top show international student competence in English Language.

The Ascentis Anglia ESOL International qualification which you obtain after taking AcCEPT is on the UK National Database of Accredited Qualifications (NDAQ) as: Ascentis (Anglia) Level 2 Certificate in ESOL International (500/4064/9).

Also, Ascentis is listed on the British Council Website for English Examinations which are accredited in the UK. These examinations are widely recognised by institutions and organisations.

AcCEPT Proficiency is valid for Tiers 2 and 4 of the Home Office points-based immigration system used by the UK Border Agency and British Embassy Visa Sections for student visa applications.

Relating AcCEPT to other English Language Tests

Test users frequently ask how the scores from different examinations compare with each other. The varying formats, designs and measurement scales of different examinations make it very difficult to give exact comparisons with any degree of confidence. Such comparisons are difficult to verify both empirically and conceptually. With this in mind, test users should nonetheless still find the following correlations useful to consider:-

-- Candidates who achieve a 6.0 band in other Internationally recognised English Test would typically receive a PASS grade in AcCEPT

-- Candidates who achieve a 6.5 band in other Internationally recognised English Test would typically receive a MERIT grade in AcCEPT and

-- Candidates who achieve a 7.0 band in other internationally recognised English Test would typically receive a DISTINCTION grade in AcCEPT.

When and where can candidates take AcCEPT

AcCEPT is available from 1st Oct 2009 with fixed test dates throughout the year. AcCEPT is available at any of Ascentis Anglia ESOL recognised and approved testing centres in the following countries with the same standardised examination conditions meeting the highest test centre requirements. Argentina; Bulgaria; China; Colombia; Croatia; Cyprus; Dutch Antilles; Aruba; France; Germany; Greece; Holland; India; Nepal; Sri Lanka; Kosovo; Libya; Peru; Poland; Portugal; Rumania; Russia; Singapore; Spain; Taiwan; Thailand; Turkey; UK; Uruguay; and Venezuela more countries are being added to this list on a regular basis.

About Anglia Language Testing Centre:

In India, AcCEPT is available through ANGLIA LANGUAGE TESTING CENTRE (ALTC). ALTC has various test centres across the country. More details about the centres can be found on

Anglia Language Testing Centre is headquarted in London with offices across India. The London Office is headed by Mr. Zulfikar Lakdawala and all India Operations are handled by Mr. Jagdish Suwarna.