Andhra To Sport Its Tech Prowess At Afro-Asian Games

Hyderabad: | Updated: Sep 8 2003, 05:30am hrs
After successfully conducting the 2003 National Games and bringing home the highest number of medals, Andhra Pradesh now plans to host the Afro-Asian Games using cutting-edge technologies such as geo-referenced maps and geographical information systems.

The Afro-Asian Games, to be held for the first time in the country in Hyderabad from October 24 to November 1, 2003, will apply geographical information systems (GIS) across varied segments from state protocol to information centres located at different stadia.

GIS tools are expected to be used for logistics, arrangement of accommodation as well as transportation activities.

About 97 countries have confirmed participation and the number of participants likely to gather in Hyderabad is 2,500. In this backdrop, the role of volunteers is crucial in ensuring a hassle-free atmosphere for the participants. About 1,200 volunteers are expected to help and all of them can be tracked with the help of referenced maps.

The maps will enable the authorities to identify the positions of the volunteers along with their badge numbers.

The maps will be given to the respective committee in-charges and also to the participants to track down the volunteers. About 17 committees have been formed to take care of different activities during the sporting sessions.

Hyderabad-based Map-World Technologies is taking care of the human resource aspects at the Afro-Asian Games, which includes allocation of volunteers to the 17 committees. The technology can be used to track vehicle movement also, MapWorld director Major Shiv Kiran said.

As part of the first phase, both GIS tools and geo-referenced maps are being developed to project the requirements and capabilities in terms of logistics.

Besides the maps, there is also a call centre and help desk which can diseminate information about the games to the public and also assist the participants in collecting information about the locations for specific games in the city which has more than 10 stadia.