And a few Audis off the road

Updated: Jul 26 2014, 08:21am hrs
Last week, we got an invitation from Audi Noida to experience the Quattro prowessnow a feature synonym with most Audi vehicleswhere we drove its SUVs Q3, Q5 and Q7. Now, while we Indians love our SUVs, we barely take them off the road. Thats one of the reasons many car companies are coming up with events such as these. Audi calls its event the Q-Drive. Quattro technology ensures regular power flow from the engine to all four wheels of the vehiclein simple words, an always-on four-wheel drive mechanism. What it results in is better traction during acceleration and greater safety, thanks to exceptional road holdingeven in conditions where two-wheel drive vehicles lose grip, as we encountered during the Q Drive that was held on a special track developed for off-roading in Greater Noida. On the occasion, Sarvajit Verma, CEO Audi Delhi West and Audi Noida, said, Events such as Q Drive are getting popular by the day in the NCR and are now seeing long waiting lists. The Q Drive also promotes the Audi Q Series SUVs that now constitute almost 40% of Audi Indias total sales.