An ode to Chacha of Indian comics

Written by Anirudh Vohra | Updated: Aug 10 2014, 06:45am hrs
The recent demise of Pran Kumar, the celebrated Indian cartoonist, has put the indie comic book lovers into a quantum of gloom. The creator of the iconic genius, Chacha Choudhary, and the boy next door, Billoo, succumbed to colon cancer at the Medanta Hospital in Gurgoan on Tuesday.

Pran bestowed upon us legendary characters such as Chacha Coudhary, Sabu, Pinki, Billoo, Shrimatiji, Raman and so on... Other than creating his comics, Pran also molded several budding cartoonists in his son's school, Prans Media Institute. Diamond Comics, the sole publisher of Prans comics, still publishes 20-25 comics a month.

Here, we take a loot at some of the memorable characters created by the Indian comic czar...

Chacha Choudhary

Chacha Chaudhary was created in 1971 for the Hindi magazine Lotpot. Chacha Chaudhary is a middle-class Indian, frail but an extremely intelligent old man. The popular cartoon character has 500 published editions and another five that await printing.

Copies sold till date: 5 crore


Just like the American comic book character Archie, Billoo is fun loving, likeable by girls, although not so Casanova friendly as Archie is, and loves to play cricket.No one has ever seen Billoo's eyes due to hair covering it. Pran wrote 200 editions of Billoo.

Copies sold till date: 2 crore


Pinky is a five-year old girl, who means no harm but ends up creating a mess; she can be called the desi version of Denice the Menace. The comic is distributed in 10 languages, with 200 editions. Pinki has also appeared in Chacha Chaudhary and Billoo comic books.

Copies sold till date: 2 crore


The series depicts the day-to-day life of Sheila and her husband Kishore. Despite the difficulties in coping with the spiralling prices, the couple goes on cracking jokes on each other and enjoying the life as it comes. Since its creation in 1968, the book has 60 editions.

Copies sold till date: 60 lakh


In 1983, the then Prime Minister of India, Indira Gandhi, released Prans comics RamanHam Ek Hain, which promoted national integration. With 100 editions till date, Raman managed to win the hearts of several comic book lovers across the sub-continent.

Copies sold till date: 60 lakh

Channi Chachi

The meddlesome fat woman, who lives next door, Channi Chachi was another one of Prans creations that received acclaim. Pran wrote 50 editions for the series. Some of the popular titles in the series include Channi Chachi ka Motapa and Channi Chachi Chachi aur Chitrahaar, etc.

Copies sold till date: 50 lakh