Amit Sahni Ki List: Onscreen Logorrhea

Written by Shubhra Gupta | Updated: Jul 19 2014, 20:04pm hrs
Director: Ajay Bhuyan

Cast: Vir Das, Vega Tamotia, Anandita Nayar, Kavi Shastri

Rating: *1/2

Shall I tell you what a deal-breaker in a perfectly acceptable relationship drama can be It is, yes, the dreaded voice-over. In which a character is shown doing something, and that self-same character doubles up by explaining to us, superfluously and annoyingly, what he is doing. It is what films should dump if they want to wade into men-and-women territory with some wit

and delicacy.

Can we not see If I need telling, Ill listen to the radio, no

So heres finance whiz Amit Sahni (Das) telling us what he likes in his ideal girl. She should like, no, worship, Sachin Tendulkar. There are other points to be ticked, but well jump forward and tell you that Amit finds himself being drawn towards the unlikely Mala (Tamotia), a tomboy with a yen for adventure sports and a pug. When dog-hating dudes start holding out their hands for a leash, we know their days as merry bachelors are over.

But before holy matrimony can strike, an apparition which ticks everything on the list hoves into Amits view. Devika (Nayar) can make an excel spreadsheet sexy and fill out a sheath nicely: what more can a fellow looking for his Miss Right want Even his bro (Shastri), with whom he spends too much time talking about his feelings, cant spot a fly.

One man who cant make up his mind between two women is classic brom-com, and there are some moments in here that come close to the real thing. But the story never really shakes off its tropes, and burst forth into its own. Das is an amiable actor, and is a good fit for the urban confused singleton, Tomatias desi appeal as well as Nayars svelte swishness is used well, but overall, the film is drab.

Also, it may be fine to litter your film with brand names, but I get distracted when I see a logo. There are so many in here that the film could well have been called Amit Sahni Ki Brands List.