Always ahead of his time

Updated: Nov 16 2005, 05:30am hrs
If sainthood were to be bestowed for magical work in the domain of management, Peter Drucker would be rechristened St Peter Drucker. His sagious thinking revolutionised the world of management. They say, predicting future can be hazardous. Drucker emerged from the perilous job not just with his reputation intact, but enhanced.

When we decided to set up a company, Druckers thinking acted like a shining star guiding us. His views helped us formulate the commandments as follows.

Thou shall respect people

In times gone by everythingcapital, production facilities, distribution musclebut people were important. Drucker had the insight to pull people out of anonymity and direct organisation thinking into making them the most important asset.

Thou shall address all with respect

As the organisation grew in the 20th Century, its goal became bigger than the stakeholders. Drucker had the sagouisness to advise organisation to bestow titles on people that gave them respect, dignity and a feeling that I am part of the organisation. For example, he told the world that workers, in times to come, will become professional and knowledge workers.

Thou shall focus on innovation

Hyper-competition has ensured that competitive advantage of yesteryears are reduced to mere hygiene factors today. How does an organisation overcome these hurdles Through non-stop innovation. Every business, Drucker said, is a growth and profitable business. But the foundation of it rest on innovation and changing the rules of the industry.

Thou shalt focus on the demographics of the market for building business

Drucker focused on the changing demographics of European society and painted a picture of future sources of business as well as the peril associated with it. He also gave business concepts that could cater to the ageing population of Europe/Japan.

Thou shall not have all full-time employees

Much before temp or part-time staffing became the buzzword, Drucker saw it coming. And he arrived at this insight looking at the changing demographics, emergence of the global village and the changing means of wealth creation. Drucker urged organisations to adapt the new staffing pattern to remain competitive and profitable.

Thou shall keep it simple

Drucker urged organisation to simplify things, empower teams and get them aligned behind the company goals. More important, he advised leaders to make themselves redundant. In short, as a leader, your responsibility is to create more leaders not followers.

Thou shalt have unisex organisations

Historically, organisations have had males as major employees. Drucker predicted that women will in time to come will play an important role in an organisation as jobs became unisex.

Peter Druckers soul captured in his writings will continue to inspire, motivate and guide us. He will help people and corporates attain their true potential in an increasing uncertain world.


The author is founder president of Perfunova International