All Rhyme, No Reason

Updated: Oct 19 2002, 05:30am hrs
A top official with a public sector bank, during an official visit to Kerala, observed a peculiar trend in the strikes which occur quite regularly in this bastion of communism. According to him, although most of the strikes in that state were without reason, they were definitely not without rhyme.

Mr X pointed out that the striking workers must be devoting a lot of time to preparing slogans before spilling on to the streets. All the slogans here, he said, rhyme so well that they ought to put todays film music directors to shame. Heres what would be music to the ears of the state authorities the news that striking workers have opted for alternate employment in the local movie-making industry!

Jumping The Light
The Reliance group of companies was recently fined a total of Rs 5.94 lakh in compounding fees by the Department of Company Affairs. Most pink dailies found the news worthy enough to give it front page display. An observer, however, was not impressed.

Equating the offence to something as common as a car jumping a traffic light, the gent was of the opinion that there was little of news value in the item. These things happen in the course of business, he justified, adding that there was little to worry about. Cars, after all, often end up jumping signals when in a great hurry to zoom past others. Eavesdropper wonders, though, why corporate growth rates dont move up with the same frequency with which corporates jump signals in the world of business.

No Gulf War
George Dubya Bush can relax, after all. His evil doer No 1 Saddam Hussein is going to be deposed in a coup, according to Alexander Zarayev, head of the Russian School of Astrology. Mars and Saturn are together, which suggests that Hussein may be killed by one of his closest allies, Zarayev told the Russian media. The same aspect points to his totalitarian ways, but there are contra signs suggesting that the Iraqi leaders time is passing and will most probably end in December, Mr Zarayev has predicted.