All hinges on draft Iran resolution: MEA

New Delhi, Nov 17 | Updated: Nov 18 2005, 05:30am hrs
Even as backchannel moves to defer the second vote against Irans nuclear programme have intensified, member countries on the IAEA board are expected to lay their cards on the table only once the draft resolution is made public two days before it can be put to vote on November 24.

New Delhi, which had voted in favour of the resolution earlier on September 24 but is now contemplating a change of stance following pressure from Left parties which extend critical support to the UPA government from the outside, predictably has said that it will come out with a precise formulation only after it is able to make an assessment of the draft resolution.

The draft resolution will be put up for voting on November 24 before the 25- member board. In the last meeting, the result was 22-1 with two abstentions from Russia and China. Venezeula was the only country which had voted against the resolution.

According to the official spokesman of the ministry of external affairs, We will first see what is there in the draft resolution.

Foreign secretary Shyam Saran had on Wednesday told mediapersons, even if there is voting, Indias stance will be determined by what are the contents of the resolution.

He pointed out that Prime Minister Manmohan Singh has already made the situation clear during a press conference in Dhaka on Sunday. And maintained that Indias stance will be based on its judgement of national interest.

The foreign secretarys comments came in the midst of tough talk by left parties, crucial allies of the UPA government, who have warned it about going against Irans interests.