Alco will take a call on rate hike at the right moment

Written by Sitanshu Swain | Kumud Das | Updated: Jul 7 2011, 07:40am hrs
State Bank of India, the countrys largest bank is now focusing on non-performing asset (NPA) management for its performance during 2011-12. Diwakar Gupta, CFO, SBI, speaks to FEs Sitanshu Swain and Kumud Das about the banks strategy on various issues.

When you are planning to announce your rate hikes

We are waiting and watching. Also, the figures for Q1 were yet to come to us from where we will know the exact position on net interest margin. Our Alco is almost meeting everyday. We will take a decision at the right moment.

What is the status of the rights issue. Is there a plan-B for the raising funds if government doesnt subscribe the issue

The rights issue is very much on the track. Government has not told us yet that it will not give us the money. Still, we are also having plan-B ready with us in case we dont get money from the government. We can raise money in the form of perpetual bonds IPDI under tier-I, we can also go for raising funds under tier-II.

As we have just R4,400 crore under tier-I, we can go for another R6,000 crore in tier-I. Similarly, we have got a headroom of raising capital to the tune of R14,000-15,000 crore under tier-II. But we have not taken any decision as as yet. I think, we will have better understanding by the end of the second quarter. We need around R16,000-17,000 crore of extra capital this year to do our business.

How do you see the Q1 results

Though, we are yet to get the results, I dont see any dramatic change coming in. I do hope that the results in Q1 will be better than that of Q4.

Do you expect a slowdown in credit and deposit during this financial year

We are targeting a credit growth between 16-18% for this financial year. We may achieve slightly above the projections made by us. Asset quality is going to be our focus during this financial year. We are expecting more income from recovery and good NPA management. Consolidation is going to be a significant part of our business strategy for this financial year.

What about provisioning in various aspects

We will have a provisioning of of over R2,000 crore in Q1. We have to make a higher provisioning on standard assets to the tune of R500 crore. Also higher provisioning on sub-standard assets or doubtful assets will be to the tune of R1,000 crore. Moreover, for counter cyclical provisioning another R550 crore has to be done. We have created a counter cyclical provisioning of R3,430 crore by the end of quarter ending in September 2011.

Do you have large NPAs in real estate sector

We dont have any stress on real estate, including commercial real estate. Our total retail housing loans is to the tune of R86,000 crore as on March 31. SBIs sectoral cap for the real estate exposure is at 20% of its our loan book and the commercial real estate shouldnt exceed 3% of that limit. But our current exposure is merely 1.8%. There is no concentration risk on commercial real estate for SBI at all.

What kind of exposures you have for the infra sector

Our current exposure to the sector is at 12% of our loan book.

What is the status of your exposure to the power sector Any NPA expected from this segment

Our exposure to the power sector is R30,000 crore. These projects include those units that are under execution and even those on stream. Suppose, if a power plant is faced with coal linkage problem, then certainly it is not our failure. A sum of R7,000 crore has been lent by us to various state electricity boards (SEBs). We dont have any significant NPA pressure on our power portfolio.

How much restructuring was done by your bank during the period of global financial crisis

Our restructured portfolio comprises a sum of R34,000 crore. Out of it, a sum of R18,000 crore has been restructured as per RBI guidelines and the remaining sum of R16,000 crore has been restructured by our own. These are all standard assets. Though, there is no restructuring after that, we are open to the option as business failures keep on happening in our system. But it doesnt mean that there our asset quality is bad and also, it doesnt mean that our loan appraisal system is bad.