Aiyar Says NDA Allegations Are Based On Lies

New Delhi, Aug 24 | Updated: Aug 25 2004, 06:59am hrs
Petroleum minister Mani Shankar Aiyar hit out at the Opposition for their allegations against him. He said that had he been a “traitor” as alleged by the BJP, he would not have been “hand-picked” by then foreign minister AB Vajpayee to head the Karachi consulate.

Opposition members had accused Mr Aiyar of collecting money for the Chinese during the 1962 invasion.

“There is a vicious campaign being carried out to defame me by saying I raised money for the Chinese during 1962 when I studied at Cambridge. It is a total lie, baseless, defamatory and mischievous,” he said.

“Why would Mr Vajpayee post a traitor to such a sensitive posting” he asked.

He said the allegations against him were based on “a lie” in the British magazine Private Eye, written by journalist Dhiren Bhagat in May, 1986.