Airtel's Smart SIM: A good option for those with multiple phones

Written by Nandagopal Rajan | New Delhi | Updated: Nov 1 2014, 20:01pm hrs
Airtel Smart SIMAirtel Smart SIM can be purchased for Rs 300.
One of the pain points of being a tech reviewer is the constant hassle of managing SIM cards that work with the different phones. I try and get over this the old fashioned way, by using multiple SIMs a nano SIM, a micro SIM and a full SIM. But on last count, I had acquired over five phone numbers in the process.

There is another way out of this problem, a SIM adapter. Earlier this year, I bought myself one on an ecommerce site. This cheap Chinese kit, gives you nano to micro and micro to full SIM adapters, which when used together solve all your problems. However, it is a cheap fix and if you dont use cello tape to hold the SIM inside the adapter, the SIM will come out inside the phone and damage it.

However, I recently got to use the new Airtel Smart SIM. It is the same thing as the Chinese SIM adapter, but made with better quality and precision. The slots are tight and hold the SIM in place so that it does not fall out while you are inserting or pulling it out of the phone. I initially used the nano SIM while testing the iPhone 6 and converted it into a micro SIM for the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 review. The switch worked perfectly and the SIM stayed in place. I couldnt use the regular SIM adapter as a phone with the larger slot is hard to find these days.

The Airtel Smart SIM can be purchased for Rs 300 with 1GB data and Rs 100 worth of talk time pre-loaded. While it is a good option for those looking for a new SIM, I suggest people who use multiple phones switch over. For those who are not on an Airtel connection, it might be a good idea to buy one of these number just to use the perfectly crafted adapters.