Agilent in pact with Wellcome Trust

Written by BV Mahalakshmi | Hyderabad, Sept 29 | Updated: Sep 30 2008, 08:11am hrs
Agilent Technologies has signed a partnership agreement with Wellcome Trust Case Control Consortium (WTCCC) to standardize the world's largest human genomic copy number variation study on Agilent microarrays. The study is designed to determine genetic causes of certain widespread diseaseas. The samples will be processed by Oxford Gene Technology, an Agilent microarray certified service provider.

Agilent Technologies Inc is the world's premier measurement company and a technology leader in communications, electronics, life sciences and chemical analysis. Agilent, a worldwide provider of microarray-based, genomics research solutions, has end-to-end solution including reagents for sample preparation and microarray processing.

The first phase of WTCCC involved a collaboration of 24 leading human geneticists who analyse more than 19,000 DNA samples from patients to identify genetic variants influencing disease susceptibility in over 12-diseases such as tuberculosis, heart diseases, types I and II diabetes, rheumatoid arthritis, etc.

Speaking to FE, Chris Grimley, senior managing director, Genopmics, said that the research was conducted at a number of institutes throughout the UK, including the Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute, University of Cambridge and the University of Oxford.

This is an important new study of human genetic variation in common disease and we require high-resolution microarrays with extremely reproducible performance. It aims to characterize most common structural modifications of DNA that may play a causative role in these diseases, he said.

The first phase of the study started in the year 2005 has made inroads to new leads and the second phase has just started. The whole study is expected to be completed by next year, he added.