Age no factor in politics

New Delhi, Oct 28 | Updated: Oct 29 2004, 05:30am hrs
Politics has nothing to do with the age of members of Parliament; nor is it a factor in making a difference in politics.

This, amongst others, was the general verdict of three young parliamentarians Manvendra Singh (BJP), Sachin Pilot (Congress) and BJ Panda (Biju Janata Dal) at a session on `Young Parliament-arians: Gen Next in Parliament at the two-day CII annual national conference 2004 on `Inclusive Growth: The Strategy Ahead on Thursday.

Just as some youngsters can be very dodgy, older people could be as bright and energetic as youngsters, said Mr Singh.

They also spoke of their vision and priorities, Indias political system and the current political environment. According to them, economic growth leading to job creation, more allocations for infrastructure and primary education and administrative and judicial reforms were some of the important issues that needed to be tackled.

While Mr Singh said that a major area of concern is the need for policymakers, including industry, to have more connectivity with people in the hinterland, Mr Pilot said that people wanted leaders they could relate to and who would deliver on electoral promises.

Mr Panda, however, feels that politicians cant be blamed for every problem; there were other factors such as systemic shortcomings of parliamentary democracy, which were equally responsible.