Advertising Will Remain Vital In Marketing: Trout

Jaipur, Nov 14: | Updated: Nov 15 2003, 05:30am hrs
Mr Jack Trout, president, Trout & Partners Ltd and the co-creator of positioning the idea that revolutionised marketing discourse a few decades ago, is all set to launch his new book titled Strategies of Jack Trout in 2004. Mr Trout has already authored best selling books such as Marketing Warfare and New Positioning among others.

After a power-packed presentation at the advertising congress AdAsia 2003, Mr Trout, who is touted as a marketing guru across the globe shared his views on various subjects with FE. "Advertising will continue to remain as a vital tool in any companys marketing plans anywhere in the world. Even as the Direct Marketing mode is gaining momentum in the market place, it can never substitute mass media advertising," he said. His latest book entitled Big Brand. Big Trouble analyses the failure of some of Americas biggest corporate icon and draws from their experiences lessons learned the hard way.

On Indian marketing trends, Mr Trout commented some of the Indian brands are now standing out in a clutter with the help of integrated marketing approach. "I was very impressed to see banners and placards of major media companies outside the Birla Auditorium in Jaipur. For the first time, I am seeing something like this," he added.

At present, Trout & Partners Ltd has offices in 13 countries across the world. Criticising the use of meaningless slogans in the global advertising arena, Mr Trout said: "There are quite a few taglines such as Just Do it (Nike) and Connecting people (Nokia), which can be used for any brands in that particular category. Be sure to supply a reason to buy. A difference not a meaningless slogan.

In Nikes case, they had a differentiator copy to stand out in a clutter," he added. As for his recipe for successful marketing plans, Mr Trout said the top management in any company should actively participate in his firms marketing plans.