Acer To Offer Porting Of Wireless Connectivity In Two Models

Bangalore: | Updated: Apr 25 2002, 05:30am hrs
Acer India is all set to offer porting of wireless connectivity with its mobile notebooks as a strategic value addition targeted at Indian professionals travelling overseas.

To Discontinue Celeron Product Line

Acer India is discontinuing its TM 212TX note book model with a Celeron 850 processor owing to Intel’s strategic move away from the Celeron processor category.
While the model (with a 14 inch screen, 128 MB memory and 10 GB hard-disk) was pric-
ed attractively at Rs 59,990, starting this month, Acer will no longer maintain this product
line and is currently liquidating existing stocks.
“Not only is Intel no longer focused on the Celeron category, 10 GB hard-disks are also becoming a thing of the past. 20 GB is the standard today, so we can no longer support this product,” Mr Rajendran said.

To this end, Acer has integrated wireless LAN (802.11b) connectivity into two of its notebooks the Travel Mate 360 (TM 360) and the Travel Mate 630 (TM 630) along with a smart card swipe security feature, both of which are aimed at serving the needs of professionals on the move.

In India, 802.11 b enablement is still a wow factor and the concept has not yet really taken off in the country. However, this strategy is proving to be a big help to professionals, especially IT people, since they often travel overseas to countries where the wireless LAN infrastructure is already present. So this is a clear strategic value positioning, said Acer India general manager-marketing Mr S Rajendran.

Mr Rajendran also claimed that currently in the mobile notebook category, no other product vendor has started offering wireless LAN and smartcard swipe security as standard features at acceptable price points.

As for product specifications, the ultra-portable TM 360 priced at Rs 1.5 lakh will come with wireless LAN and smart card swipe security as standard features.

This model sports a P3 1GHz processor, 256 MB memory (SDRAM), 13.3 inch screen size, single spindle machine (with a 20 GB hard disk integrated and a DVD/Floppy combo drive) with LAN-modem integrated.

The TM 660, priced slightly higher at Rs 1.8 lakh will offer 802.11b connectivity as an option. This two spindle machine (with no integrated floppy drive but with a swappable bay option) is the first product to have a P4 1.7 GHz processor in the mobile space. The TM 630 comes with a 30 GB hard disk, 256 MB memory (with DDR), DVD/CD read write, LAN-modem integrated with 802.11b and smart card swipe security as an additional option.

The positioning as a strategic value addition is expected to pay off. Also compared to the offerings from other players, Acers offering is certainly the attractive option, Mr Rajendran said.