AAP's Kumar Vishwas shocks, praises Narendra Modi

Written by Express news service | New Delhi | Updated: Sep 10 2014, 15:38pm hrs
After staying out of the limelight following the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP)s drubbing in the general elections, senior AAP leader Kumar Vishwas has made headlines again. In an interview to a leading news channel, Vishwas was seen praising Prime Minister Narendra Modi even as his own party has locked horns with the BJP.

Narendra Modi is a comparatively better PM than Manmohan Singh... the Modi government is coming out of the policy paralysis, Vishwas told Times Now.

He also praised Modi for the measures taken by the Central government in flood-hit Jammu & Kashmir and his successful trip to Japan. On being quizzed about his own political affiliation, Vishwas said, If the PM does well, I have the right to praise him. If he does not perform, I have an equal right to criticise him.

He (Modi) is not a political rival... Narendra Modi is the Prime Minister of this country. He is not the Prime Minister of the BJP. He is the Prime Minister of 125-crore Indians, Vishwas said.

Vishwas said he had received an invitation for an event celebrating Modis birthday. While he admitted to having attended such events in the past, he was non-committal on whether he would honour the invitation this year.

When asked if attending the event would mean he was making a political statement, Vishwas said, I went there last year and the year before that... Why will my party object to it Asked if he was considering leaving the AAP to join the BJP, Vishwas said, I will never join the BJP. Sometime in the future, though, I might leave the AAP...

He said AAP chief Arvind Kejriwal should have explained the reasons for the AAP government resigning in Delhi much before he actually did.

Reacting to the interview, AAP spokesperson Ashutosh said, An attempt has been made to create a controversy where none exists. Kumar Vishwass interview has been twisted. Nothing controversial was said during the interview. I wish the news channel would have carried my reaction to the interview.

Vishwas went on to criticise the AAP by arguing that the party should pay heed to concerns raised by its senior members such as Shanti Bhushan and Yogendra Yadav.

Last month, Bhushan was seen in a video uploaded on social media by AAP Volunteer Action Manch (a group of dissenting volunteers of the AAP who had complained of lack of inner-party democracy), where he supported the issues raised by the group.

While the AAP shunned the group, Bhushan, in the video, said, AVAM is a good organisation which emerged within the party so that volunteers grievances and demands could be taken up. This is very important.