A wrong signal

Updated: Nov 17 2005, 05:30am hrs
This refers to the news item ‘Advisory body for rail freight corridor set up’ (Nov 15). As indicated in FE, it appears that some people with vested interests, among them politicians and business houses, want to make Indian Railways a sick industry, eating away the only source of revenue it has. Why are they not interested in having a Special Passengers Corridor

They could take this up as a challenge, making the loss-making side of the railways (passenger revenue) a profitable business, for the ultimate development of Indian Railways.
- PC Majumdar

More on Thorat
I was happy to read your eloquent tribute to the new deputy governor of the RBI, Usha Thorat (‘Banking on Thorat’, Nov 12). I had the pleasure of working with her over three decades ago in the credit planning cell, considered the ‘brain’ of the RBI.
An interesting aspect of Usha’s personality is missing in your note. She is an avid reader and a keen film enthusiast. She is a regular visitor to the Strand book stall and is also a life member of Prabhat Chitra Mandal, a society that screens art films.
- PP Ramachandran

The Supreme Court has once again asked VVIPs no longer entitled to stay in government bungalows in Delhi to vacate these by January. The government has told the Supreme Court that despite the eviction notices, the VVIPs continue to occupy government bungalows. If the government cannot evict unauthorised people living in posh bungalows, how can we expect it to evict terrorists from their hideouts
- VS Venkatavaradan

Call Left’s bluff
The Left is pressurising the government to vote against the US and in favour of Iran at the forthcoming Geneva meet. I think it will spoil India’s image in international fora, if it were to reverse its earlier vote on the same issue. The time has come for the Congress to call the Left’s bluff.
- CVK Moorthy