A revolution for gen-you

Updated: Nov 28 2006, 08:50am hrs
V ideo makers have found an unimaginably vast and eager audience for their videos. YouTube marks the beginning of an Internet revolution of sorts how else does one explain 100 million clips being viewed daily, with an additional 65,000 new videos getting uploaded per 24 hours Youtube's pre-eminence in the online video market is staggering.

For formal content providers and marketers like me, YouTube represents a paradigm shift in the way content will be marketed and consumed. As I look at it it, promotional clips from my forthcoming films could find a significant new audience for free provided I tag them effectively. And if I were a big boy like Warner Music not only would I end up bagging extra promotion but also get paid for it!

Readers might be aware that the Warner Music Group has provided its entire library for free viewing and downloading, and will share the advertising revenue with YouTube.

After all, where there are consumers, there will be advertisers! For the latter, its about traffic, hits and market share, and YouTube commands 34 million unique users daily, surpassing most TV shows and opening-weekend movie ticket sales.

Even informal content creators have found their share of glory courtesy of YouTube. Now everyone can be an auteur and share their work with the world, and the proliferation of camera phones, inexpensive digital cameras and broadband internet connections has only facilitated this growth.

Besides YouTube, websites (premised on a similar model) like www.del.icio.us, www.flickr.com and www.bolt.com to name only a few, mark a major shift in the way Indian media organizations will need to begin thinking about content dissemination in the evolving marketplace.

Bits n bobs

Casino Royale has hit the international jackpot, cashing in $66.2 million overseas. Daniel Craig is, not surprisingly, in major demand with several studio bosses. The down-to-earth English bloke I am told is down-to-earth in the literal sense of the word. It seems he suffers from vertigo!

The international distribution market for Indian films is certainly hotting up. The mammoth TV 18 group has floated its full spectrum movies division, Studio 18, which has also ventured into film production and distribution in a big way.

Barely has the voting for the coveted BAFTA Awards begun, and the buzz has it that Helen Mirren (The Queen) and Judi Dench (Notes on a Scandal) are the hottest favourites for this year's actress award. My bets are on Mirren.

The writer is an overseas motion picture distributor. Email: garg.tan@gmail.com