A positive attitude can take you a long way

Written by Divya Varma Kaur | Updated: Apr 11 2011, 09:11am hrs
Every organisation looks for potential employees who can bring certain success factors with them. Unicon, similarly, looks for people who have the right attitude, cognitive abilities, emotional intelligence and the passion to work.

Its a known fact that if an individual, especially fresher, has the right attitude, he/she can go a long way. If an individual has the cognitive abilitiesthis encompasses the attributes that are related to peoples learning ability, i.e., how quickly they grasp new ideas and processes without prior experience to fall back onhe/she can grow very fast. In the case of the experienced, the idea to excel is making mistakes; yes, mistakes! But new mistakes instead of repeating the old ones.

The individual should have emotional intelligencethat is his/her ability to understand and control his/her emotions and recognise and manage those of others. This is a very important trait that Unicon looks at in todays dynamic business environment. It must be understood that success and failure are simply two sides of a coin; sometimes we succeed, sometimes we fail. But if one has emotional intelligence, he/she would never give up. Such individuals generally turn out to be very good team leaders, as they can manage and control their teams effectively.

Passion is the yet another key that Unicon looks for while recruiting. If one is passionate towards work, then, no matter what the task is, one will achieve it.

In todays competitive scenario, if any individual has the above-mentioned characteristics, success wont be elusive. But, apart from the qualities mentioned above, we also look at various other skills sets when we hire. For instance, customer orientation, innovation, strategic thinking, interpersonal skills and dependability.

One thing to be kept in mind, especially in the field of marketing, is customer orientationif one is able to understand the client, one would surely be able to win any deal.

Then theres something called innovative approach. There is cut-throat competition in the market and unless one thinks differently, one will not be able to maintain his/her place in the market. Strategic thinking is again a very crucial skill set because if one can visualise the future scenario and accordingly plan his/her strategy to win over the task, he/she will always enjoy an edge over others.

Interpersonal skills help in better coordination and team work. It is imperative to learn and use effective interpersonal skills across all levels. Apart from various other parameters, Unicon looks for the conduct of candidate face-to-face, handling of ambiguous scenarios and how well he/she can connect with the interviewer. This skill set is all the more important for organisations like Unicon that have a majority sales workforce, as this enables the employee to connect with the customer. Lastly, dependabilitya very crucial skill set; most, rather all organisations look for reliability in their employees. The management, as a matter of fact, relies on him/her and to confide to him/her no matter what the extent of difficulty or confidentiality of the task in any kind of situation.

To sum up, Unicon encourages a workforce that has the above stated attributes and skill sets.

The author is Country Head, HR & Training, Unicon Financial