A perfect travel companion

Written by Sudhir Chowdhary | Updated: Jun 6 2014, 02:10am hrs
Take my wordits no easy task for an ordinary consumer to go out in the market and pick up a wireless speaker of his choice. New models are invading the market on a daily basis, occupying a significant amount of real estate in a gadgets shop. Naturally, such a deluge of listening devices leaves the consumer confused on what to buy. If you want something small and have design and style high on your priority list, you can check out the X100 wireless speaker from the peripherals major, Logitech. This R2,995-a-piece device is the latest addition to the firms fast growing range of Bluetooth audio products.

Before we dig deep into the finer details of the product, heres a brief picture of the emerging scenario. Bluetooth technology has invaded the speaker systems, arming the sound systems with wireless capabilities at a fraction of the price that used to place wireless systems in the upper echelons of luxury purchases. Wireless speakers are compatible with just about every smartphone, tablet or laoptop on the market today, and Bluetooth enabled features can transform a homes speakers into remotely accessible entertainment systems that can play songs on the fly and synchronise with existing playlists from a portable device lying on the couch cushions ten feet away. Pretty amazing, isnt it

Back to the X100. Out of the box, it comes across as a stylishly designed wireless stereo speaker designed for people with active lifestyles. After all, the portability of wireless speakers is an important feature to look for when browsing this new era of sound. The X100 measures 97.5 mm x 85 mm x 37 mm in dimensions. It delivers crystal-clear sound for its small size. It is available in four coloursorange, yellow, dark grey and green.

After using the device for a good number of days, I can say confidently that the X100 is designed for people who love to carry their music around with its round design and rocking sound. It suits your audio needs with Bluetooth connectivity with your portable device with a batter back-up of five hours. You can easily stream music from up to 30 feet away. The built-in mic for hands-free phone calls further lets you take calls while you are on the move. Plus, using your mobile phone, you can manage the speakers volume and use it for hands-free calls.

All in all, you dont need cables to play music from your smartphone, tablet or PC. This wireless speaker lets you cut the cord and is a treat for those who have an ear for good audio.

Estimated street price: Rs 2,995