A dastardly attack

Updated: Jan 2 2006, 05:30am hrs
The cowardly attack by terrorists at the Indian Institute of Science campus in Bangalore is deplorable. This is the first time such an attack has been made on the intellectuals of our country.
The timing of the attack and the targets go to show that it
was a pre-planned attack. Incidentally, the attack coincided with the presence of Abu Salem in Bangalore city. Though the police did not find a link, it cannot be ruled out.
For quite some time now, there have been reports that terrorists are eyeing south Indian cities to target these, with Bangalore topping the list. This attack only confirms that terrorists have spread their tentacles firmly across the country. It is not an easy task for our intelligence agencies and police to track them, either before or after the attack. What is required is the continuous alertness of these agencies. And security must be provided to our country’s intellectuals, as they are as important as our PM and President.
—KR Anandagopalan

Young vs old
All public sectors banks are now experimenting with various methods to woo young customers. In doing so, they are just imitating the methods used by
private banks.

But the young generation is not coming forward to avail these, as PSBs are way be-hind in the kinds of products/services provided by private banks.
And for this state of affairs, the management of these banks and the owner of these banks, the government of India is to be blamed. In my opinion, the non-recruitment of young staff at the clerical level for the past 15 years or so is the main cause of this lack of good services. Young people come with fresh ideas, vigour and enthusiasm. But PSBs seem to have closed their doors for them. Whereas private sector banks are still recruiting fresh graduates on a large scale.
—Sudhir K Bhave