A Bid For The Luxury Market

Updated: Aug 31 2003, 05:30am hrs
AS a businesswoman, she says, she hasnt grown much because my salary has remained the same, but Pooja Jain, director, Luxor Writing Instruments Ltd, admits that she is learning a lot. Following in her fathers footsteps in the family run business has been an experience in itself. I am grateful to my father for letting me work here and every day, I learn new things, says Ms Jain.

Ms Jains business acumen is already showing results.

She has just brought the Waterman brand of pens to India. It was my idea to introduce the products, although weve had an agreement with Waterman since 1996, she says.

She is quite optimistic about her success in selling these expensive pens, which cost between Rs 2,400 and Rs 4 lakh. Ms Jain says, When people are launching cars like Maybac and Bentley, which cost crores of rupees, there should not be any doubt that we too can sell these pens.

Getting more specific on the brands, she says, In India, luxury pens have been identified as Mont Blanc and Cartier, but people who have travelled abroad are aware of the Waterman brand and what it means. While other brands face problems from the grey market, we have the advantage of bringing in genuine products at a price that the grey market would find difficult to compete with.

The fact of the matter is that the luxury market in India is very much exposed now and people who travel abroad frequently and even people in general are aspiring for better things, she says.

In fact, some recent reports suggested that the Indian luxury market would be seeing a higher growth than the normal consumer market, so it is time to cash in on that, says the director, who happens to be the youngest in her organisation.

Ms Jain says, In an organisation, when you are dealing with so many people older than you, the best thing is to adjust and adapt yourself to the organisation, rather than expecting the organisation to conform to your liking. Then its business as usual.