Webcam goes wide

Written by Ankush Mahajan | Ankush Mahajan | Updated: Sep 8 2011, 08:28am hrs
In this high definition era, where hardware from consoles to monitors and entertainment from games to films is in HD, one area thats been consistently lagging behind has been the humble webcam. Web cameras provide blurry images and one just manages to imagine what the person on the other side looks like. Even if you do manage to see the person, the image is quite grainy. Heres when Microsoft decided to bring in a difference. A difference which the users are sure to love. A difference with high definition.

Microsoft Hardware seems to have set a new standard for webcams with its LifeCam Cinema, a consumer webcam on the PC to offer widescreen video with a native 720p sensor. With more and more people going online to share videos with friends and family; in fact, more than 10 million videos are uploaded each month to Facebook alone, LifeCam Cinema webcams 720p widescreen sensor claims to deliver clear, quality videoswithout leaving anyone out of the shot.

The Microsoft Lifecam is quite a smart looking device. It sets the stage for the next generation of webcam use: uploading widescreen videos with amazing quality to social networking sites and soon chatting live with friends and family in widescreen format. The webcam has a full aluminum body and its prime focus is its 720p HD sensor (it has an LED indicator below it), which has a protective silver band around it. Its flexible rubber base is an amazing support and it stands firm on any surface. It stands at 2-inch on the base and its aluminum body makes it light yet durable. It can rotate 360 degree from the base and can be tilted up and down. Right on the top is a digital microphone with noise canceling technology.

Now, what makes Microsoft Lifecam superior to other webcams It is the 720p HD sensor with Auto Focus. 720 pixel is a major breakthrough and is quite new for webcams. Apart from the detailed video and clear sound system, its small size and design is going to impress the users.

Its 16:9 aspect ratio offers a wide field of view which in simple terms means, you can see the whole room unmistakably. No other webcam offers the same widescreen. It is compatible with Yahoo Messenger, Windows Live, AOL Instant messenger and Skype. You can also change the settings in the chat messenger once you have installed its driver in your computer. The cable is adequately long.

It uses clean frame technology which will deliver smooth and clear video. One can upload clear videos on Facebook at will and video chatting will be a good experience as well.

It has the ability to adjust to the room light itself, which makes it all the more a good product.

At about 4k, Microsoft Lifecam Cinema is priced higher than normal webcams, but, considering that fact that it is HD and a well performing one, it is definitely worth worth checking out.


Digital video resolution: 1280 x 720

Frame rates: Up to 30 frames per second

Focus: Auto

Microphone: Integrated microphone

Interface: USB 2.0

Supported Windows operating systems: Microsoft Windows XP (excluding XP 64-bit) , Vista, 7