Himalayan glaciers are not shrinking: environment ministry

Written by fe Bureaus | New Delhi | Updated: Nov 11 2009, 04:27am hrs
Claiming that the country has not paid enough attention towards the science of climate change during last two decades, minister for environment and forest Jairam Ramesh on Monday stated the reports of melting Himalayan glaciers is far from true.

Ramesh said during the next three years the government would focus on studying the glaciers from the scientific point of view rather looking at the issue from political angle. The report said Himalayan glaciers, although shrinking in volume and constantly showing a retreating front, have not in any way exhibited, especially in recent years, an abnormal annual retreat, of the order that some glaciers in Alaska and Greenland are reported. While rejecting various studies from developed countries which stated that glaciers in Himalayas are melting because of global warming, the report said ,a glacier is affected by a range of physical features.