Fish rain takes Kerala villagers by surprise

Thrissur, Feb 12 | Updated: Feb 13 2008, 04:51am hrs
After red rain, now it is 'fish rain' in Kerala. Residents of Kandanassery village near here were quite surprised when small fish started raining down towards the end of a sudden downpour on Tuesday night.

Two persons first noticed the phenomenon when the little slimy things started pattering on their body while they were returning home late in the night. As they thought that people would reject this as a mere fantasy or concocted tale unless there was a tangible proof, they picked up some of the bubbling fish and kept them in a water-filled bucket near the village library.

"There is no reason to disbelieve what the villagers say, as it is possible to have a scientific explanation for this", CK Rajan of the School of Marine Sciences of the Cochin University of Science and Technology said when asked about the phenomenon.

"When convective clouds are formed, it is possible that tiny aquatic organisms get lifted to the atmoshpere. They can survive suspended in the clouds so long as the clouds have moisture content," he said.