Ex-cop claimed British throne

London, July 28 | Updated: Jul 29 2006, 05:30am hrs
An ex-policeman had, in the 1930s, claimed to be related to King Henry VIII and had threatened to behead the reigning monarch and take his place on the British throne, according to secret files.

The quarrelsome and scandalous campaign by a former police inspector Anthony Hall against George V had ruffled feathers in Buckingham Palace .

I claim the crown, Hall , who claimed a direct blood link, wrote in a letter to the King. You have no connection with the British royal family. You are an outsider. Therefore, leave this country. Although dismissed by officials as mere ravings, Halls antics had sparked a flurry of correspondence between the police, government and the palace on how to silence him.

George V, grandfather of Queen Elizabeth, was keen on getting Hall arrested, according to official documents released by the National Archives.

His Majesty quite agrees that a stop should be put to his effusions, the kings private secretary Sir Clive Wigram had written in a letter to the Home Office. At a public meeting, Hall said he wanted to be the first policeman to chop off the monarchs head and the first to be crowned king. At another, he had said he wouldnt hesitate to shoot the king like a dog.

Halls dream of being crowned King Anthony was dashed along with his plans to scrap taxes, build thousands of police stations and set up a Ministry of Pleasure to revive the ancient merry times.