Barista to expand with 25 more outlets

Written by Kakoly Chatterjee | New Delhi | Updated: Nov 7 2009, 05:07am hrs
The country's second largest coffee chain, Barista Lavazza, is planning to invest Rs 12 crore during the second half of the current financial year to open 25 outlets across the country. It is looking at expansion in Kerala, Punjab, Rajasthan, Chhattisgarh, Goa and Assam. The company is looking at increasing its revenues by Rs 100 crore during this financial year, compared to Rs 200 crore during FY09.

"We are looking at a revenue of Rs 300 crore by the end of this financial year," said Sanjay Coutinho, CEO, Barista Coffee Company.

Barista Lavazza is also planning to introduce around 30 varieties of coffee for three months starting this November as part of its winter line. Currently, it has launched four variations each of liqueur coffee in the hot and cold range in one outlet in Delhi and plans to take this to other stores subsequently. The liqueur content varies from 10% to 15% and ranges from scotch whiskey, Irish whiskey, Bailey's, rum and tequila.

Barista has a moderate growth programme and plans to open outlets in properties that are profitable. "We are planning to open 50 more stores during FY11," said Coutinho. It has already opened 25 stores during the first half of this financial year. During FY09 it opened 45 stores and 20 stores during FY08.

Currently, Barista has 200 stores, of which 90 are in the north and 10 in the east and the rest are split almost equally between west and south. There are 15 bigger format outlets called Crem. The menu is more comprehensive and the outlet has a lounge. The rest are espresso formats.