3D Sonar Systems To Scan Sea Floor Soon

New Delhi | Updated: Mar 29 2004, 05:30am hrs
US-based Benthos has bagged a contract from the National Institute of Ocean Technology of India for delivering a C3D (TM) three-dimensional side scan sonar systems.

The C3D (TM) system combines high resolution imagery and wide swath bathymetry for unprecedented bottom mapping, image interpretation, and a three-dimensional look at the sea floor, according to company officials. Bathymetric data relates to measurement of depth of oceans and lakes.

The C3D system represents the latest in sonar imaging with patented technology that incorporates a multi-array transducer and its capability of solving multiple angles-of-arrival.

According to company officials, SARA CAATI (Small Aperture Range Angle and Computed Angle of Arrival Transient Imaging) is a patented technique, licensed to Benthos by Simon Fraser University.

It is a method for estimating the backscatter arrival spectrum. SARA CAATI uses an angle-of-arrival estimation similar to interferometry. However, unlike interferometry, the C3D system solves the problem of concurrent arrivals from multiple angles. We believe that the C3D system is the best available solution for combining side scan imagery and bathymetric data, officials added.

Developed over the past two years, the C3D system can save time and money for surveyors because only one survey is necessary for both imagery and bathymetry.