10th Plan Goes Under The Review Scanner

New Delhi, Nov 7: | Updated: Nov 8 2003, 05:30am hrs
For the first time after the Tenth Plan introduced the system of quarterly performance review (QPR) of various ministries, the Planning Commission has carried out a review of the system itself and identified various areas where improvement could be brought about including in the quality of monitoring.

At a meeting of the Planning Commission advisers and deputy chairman KC Pant on Friday, it was decided that work should be done towards establishing physical and financial benchmarks before the Annual Plan period begins.

To improve monitoring, it was decided that quarterly targets, both physical and financial, may be fixed for schemes or projects, including the pattern of expenditure proposed by the ministries.

Important policy issues, including thrust areas, priority areas and reforms measures should be highlighted which can be monitored in the QPR meetings, the group suggested. Tentative state-wise, scheme-wise allocations may be made for equal/desired distribution of resources across the states in the Central schemes.

The Planning Commission officials also suggested that annual and quarterly targets of all the monitorable targets of the Tenth Plan should be decided.

The concept of QPRs was introduced in the Tenth Plan with the view to improve public expenditure and ensure timely and effective implementation of approved projects and schemes leading to effective utilisation of resources.

The QPR exercise is expected to provide feedback on the progress of expenditure, performance of ongoing Plan schemes, progress of identified monitorable targets of the Plan, the reform measures initiated in various sectors and ensure that the priorities of the Tenth Plan are adhered to.

At the meeting, it was also agreed upon that while carrying out the exercise of having a closer look at the economic performance of Centre and states, the commission has to keep in mind that social targets are also met.