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Climate activist Greta Thunberg, Russia’s Alexei Navalny, WHO among 2021 Nobel Peace Prize nominees

Nobel Peace Prize: Greta Thunberg was named as one of “the foremost spokespeople in the fight against the climate crisis”, with the campaigning group she co-founded, Fridays for Future, also receiving a nod.

Greta Thunberg Alexei Navalny Nobel Peace Prize

Coronavirus impact: What major health issues would remain in focus in 2021? WHO lists out

Next year, along with fighting against COVID-19, countries would also have to work hard to repair as well as reinforce their health systems.

global health issues for 2021

COVID19: क्या है ‘इम्युनिटी पासपोर्ट’, जिसे लेकर WHO ने दी देशों को चेतावनी

कोरोनावायरस (Coronavirus) ने पूरी वैश्विक अर्थव्यवस्था को बेहद ज्यादा नुकसान पहुंचाया है.

WHO, US, Wuhan lab, coronavirus, covid 19 infection, Donald Trump

WHO India honours public health champions

The scope of the awards covered contributions to significant advances in population and person-focused services and inter-sectoral actions

Learnings from Ebola epidemic

Excerpts from MSF’s Ebola-related research, highlighting the various operational challenges during the epidemic and MSF’s measures to tackle them

Asia Pacific countries vow to tackle antimicrobial resistance together

Health ministers from 12 countries of the region agreed to improve the way information on antimicrobial resistance is collected and shared to guide effective policies and actions

Antibiotics likely to cause increased risk of sudden cardiac death

IMA advices doctors to prescribe antibiotics to heart patients with caution

WHO’s SAGE recommends use of Sanofi Pasteur’s dengue vaccine in endemic countries

It also recognised strong public health benefit to be gained by introduction of Dengvaxia, dengue vaccine

‘Integrating robust systems would have widespread influence in guarding against market volatility’

Mandar Athalekar, Head-Market Development, Global Trade Management, Thomson Reuters, speaks on the current scenario in India’s pharma trade and measures to guard against market volatility, in an interaction with Raelene Kam

2016-17: A year for healthcare?

As the number of confirmed cases of Zika virus infection crossed the 20,000 mark in Columbia, the World Health Organization (WHO), called an emergency meeting on February 1

Major societal changes required as number of people over 60 years set to double by 2050: WHO

Contrary to widespread assumptions, the report finds that there is very little evidence that the added years of life are being experienced in better health than was the case for previous generations at the same age

WHO calls for strengthening malaria elimination strategy, says 3.2 billion people still at risk

Of the 18.9 million P vivax malaria cases reported in 2012, nearly 13 million were from countries in the WHO South-East Asia Region, mainly India

WHO calls for strengthening malaria elimination strategy, says 3.2 billion people still at risk

Of the 18.9 million P vivax malaria cases reported in 2012, nearly 13 million were from countries in the WHO South-East Asia Region, mainly India The World Health Organization (WHO) called for bolstering efforts for malaria c

Depression Development

Now, a computer programme can diagnose depression better than psychiatrists

World Health Organization calls emergency meeting on ‘large, complex’ South Korea MERS outbreak

"UPDATE 4-WHO calls emergency meeting on "large, complex" S".

Drug Price Rise An Efficacious Move?

National Pharmaceutical Pricing Authority (NPPA) has allowed pharma companies to increase the prices of 509 essential medicines in tune with an increase in the wholesale price index (WPI). Industry stakeholders are optimistic

Youth urge policy makers to set date for 85 per cent pictorial health warnings on tobacco products

Highlights that large warnings will prevent youth from experimenting with tobacco products

WHO urges on the need to close immunisation gap

Recommends reaching equity in immunisation levels

Hilleman Laboratories’ Thermostable technology extends its support towards other vaccines

The company plans to support India’s aim of achieving 90 per cent coverage through its expanded programme by 2020

WHO India honours public health champions

Event held jointly with MoHFW to commemorate World Health Day

High air pollution cuts most Indian lives by 3 years

India's high air pollution, ranked by the World Health Organisation among the worst in the world, is adversely...

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Coming to a car near you: Auto technology at CES 2015

Self-driving cars garner much of the attention, but in reality, we're years away from tooling around in something like Knight Rider's KITT.

CES 2015, CES news, CES Las Vegas, CES cars, self-driving cars

Ayurveda – A potential global medical system

The Government of India has recently drafted a national policy on traditional systems practiced in India. Shashank Sandu, Executive Director, Sandu Brothers, provides a few action points for the government to make ayurveda a

Safe babies for HIV-infected mothers

Motherhood is a feeling every woman wants to experience. HIV-infected women are no exceptions. Like normal expecting mothers, they too can deliver a baby who is not HIV infected, writes Dr Gaurav Thukral, Head Medical Service

Sanofi Pasteur launches paediatric pentavalent vaccine in India

The launch of Shan5 vaccine receives pre-qualification status from the World Health Organization

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