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For women re-entering workforce, honesty is best policy

When it comes to re-entering the workforce after raising a family, women don't need to hush up as a new study has found that being upfront with potential employers about gaps in a resume is a better strategy.

For women re-entering workforce, honesty is best policy

No empty nest: Young women live with M & D like it’s 1940

Young women are living with their parents or relatives at rate not seen since 1940 as more millennial women put off marriage, attend college and face high living expenses.

Third of young women to earn less than living wage in 2016

A recent study has claimed that over a third of women in their twenties will be earning less than the basic cost of living than any other workers next year.

Men ‘afraid’ to help female colleagues

A new research has explored how men are becoming 'scared' to help female colleagues. Dr Elsesser, who used to work on Wall Street for Morgan Stanley, claims in her new book that male executives are often "afraid" to help thei

How new CEO’s gender influences firm performance

A recent study has revealed how new CEO's gender may affect company performance, suggesting that a male-to-female succession tends to have lower post-succession performance than same-gender succession.

Jennifer Lawrence weighs in on Hollywood gender pay gap

Jennifer Lawrence has lambasted Hollywood's gender pay disparity in a powerful essay where she has finally opened up about the hacked Sony emails that revealed she was paid less than her male co-stars.

Women may be considered for Indian Army’s anti-terror ops: Manohar Parrikar

Defence Minister Manohar Parrikar has said he is in favour of assigning roles to women in the army's counter-terrorism operations.

Salma Hayek, Gwyneth Paltrow lend voices for equal pay for women in Hollywood

In a week that saw Meryl Streep speak out about equal pay and other actresses of the film "Suffragette" applaud the domestic violence protesters who invaded their premiere, the topic took center stage at a Los Angeles event o

Why retirement security is a challenge for women?

Retirement formalities are already a herculean task for people, but on top of it when it comes to women, retirement security becomes the biggest challenge for them.

Women likelier to be seen as less ‘creative thinkers’ than men

A new study has revealed that men are more likely to be seen as creative thinkers than women...

Dalai Lama’s ‘sexist’ remark draws mixed reactions from women activists

Tibetan spiritual leader the Dalai Lama's 'sexist' remark in an interview to the BBC has drawn criticism from many in India while others dismissed it as being taken out of context.

Female sexism: Why it sucks to work with too many men

As per a new study, covert and overt forms of sexism are equally damaging to working women.

Silicon Valley sexual discrimination case: Ellen Pao loses bias suit drops appeal

The woman who lost her high-profile gender discrimination lawsuit against a Silicon Valley venture capital firm said Thursday that she is dropping her appeal and ending the case that became a flashpoint for inequality in the

Muslim flight attendant says she was wrongly suspended by ExpressJet

A Muslim flight attendant for ExpressJet says she was wrongly suspended from her job last month because she refused to serve alcohol to passengers, citing her religious beliefs.

Female MBBS student found dead in AIIMS’ Delhi complex

A first year MBBS student of the All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS) was found dead late on Saturday night in her hostel room, here.

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