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Partners in wine

Fratelli Wines, an Indo-Italian venture, aims to establish wine culture among Indians and promote the market for wines in the country. Craig W Wedge, brand director, Fratelli Wines, shares about the changing market for wine.

Grover Zampa Vineyards partners with French winemaker Labruyere Family

Grover Zampa Vineyards, one of the oldest wine producers in India, has announced the induction of Edouard Labruyere of French winemaker Labruyere Family to its board of members

Maharashtra’s wine industry cheers new liquor policy

Wine sales in India rose by 21% from 95 lakh litres in 2013-14 to 1.15 crore litres in 2014-15, according to the All-India Wine Producers Association

The secret of Terlano lies in the soils

Soil, as a key component of the terroir, has a decisive influence on the taste, structure and development potential of wines, Cantina Terlano winery proved it geologically

Turning the Trend

With the evolution of premix drinks in India, Trinity Vintners has introduced Turning Point, a ready to drink Sangria brand, which is banking on the global popularity of this classic cocktail to tap the Indian youth segment B

Fresh fizz

After having gained ground in the India market, Casa Vinicola Zonin, a producer and exporter of some of the best Italian wines globally, is eyeing a bigger market share and hopes to export 5000-6000 cases by the end of 2015.

A pause for good health

With a motto of promoting wine as a health drink, Rajesh Patil, founder, Pause Wines claims to be the only winemaker to print the nutrition value of the wine on the bottle. To spread the message, Pause recently organised its

Taj launches private label wines

Taj , one of the leader in hospitality has launched its range of private label wines

Wine consumption by country

You would be wrong. Small countries with small populations rise to the top when it comes to per capita consumption.

‘Vine-tuning’ wines

The C9P region in France has made wines since the time Avignon was the seat of the Pope. Here are a few things that set these wines apart from the other famous and expensive appellations of the world

The gurus of good times

The Indian Sommelier Championship, which took place for the seventh time this year, aims to test and award the best wine professionals in the business

Fraternising with the folks

Visiting a winery in India—where wine is still a burgeoning discussion and the entire industry is like a small tight-knit family—can be a unique experience

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